5 European-Inspired Design Ideas to Improve Your Home

European décor is growing in popularity thanks to its timeless and efficient details. Here are five ways to bring this modern classic style into your home.

Polished concrete. Popular in warmer climates such as Spain, polished concrete is known for its durability and can make a vanity or shower stand out. Try pairing with wooden accents to add balance and warmth.

Wood floors. It’s rare to find wall-to-wall carpet in European homes. Instead, hardwood or laminate flooring in light colours such as birch or pine are common. Popular in Scandinavian regions, this aesthetic brings an airiness to any room.

Surround with nature. “Living” plant walls are a trend recently embraced by European cities. The lush greenery brings colour and design to the forefront. On a budget? Hanging planters are a trendy and affordable alternative to this accent.

Black and White. Inspired by the homes in Paris, black and white accents are enduringly chic. Geometric patters, bold accents, and prints are a great way to bring this graphic element into your space.

Exposed plumbing. Invite an old-world feel into your bathroom or kitchen with exposed plumbing, such as brass. Compliment with a modern wall-hung floating sink to add a contemporary feel.

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