DIY or Hire a Pro? 4 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Next Reno

Before any home improvement project, there is inevitably a time you might ask “Can I do this myself?” While it can be tempting to tackle a reno solo to save money, consider the following before you swing your hammer:

How much time do you have? A DIY project may be less expensive but could take three times longer for you to finish. When budgeting, assign a value to your time – if it’s more than you bargained for, a pro might be the way to go.

How big is the project, really? Make a plan, and factor in materials, tools, and clean-up costs. Projects like painting a room may seem relatively inexpensive, but costs can quickly creep up if you need rollers, tape, brushes, sandpaper, and/or a ladder. Take into consideration whether or not you plan on using the tools again down the road.

Do you have the right knowledge? It may seem like there’s an online tutorial for every job, but skillset is not the only thing to consider. Does the project have a risk of harm or injury? Does it require permits, or knowledge of by-laws?

What is the cost if things go wrong? Consider your comfort level with a less-than-perfect finished product. Will it catch your eye every day? Will it affect resale value? Hiring a pro at the onset may offer more peace of mind in the long run.

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