Lagom at Home: Is This Swedish Décor Trend ‘Just Right’ For You?

Lagom, the Swedish lifestyle philosophy, is built around the concept of moderation. Roughly translated, it means ‘not too much, not too little – just right’ and in the design world, is about balancing style with liveable comfort. Here are a few ways you can bring some Lagom into your home:

Ease into decluttering A messy home can lead to anxiety and blocked creativity. Eliminate unnecessary items, but in a way that is right for you. Try setting a timer once a day for 10 minutes to toss or donate things you no longer need around the house. Within a week you will start to notice a difference.

Design with balance and intention Pick one or two pieces of statement furniture, like your favourite lamp or table, and build your room around them. Don’t be afraid to pair sleek pieces like minimalist accent chairs with cozy items like a plush sofa or soft throw.

Find peace in muted, neutral colours Cool greys and peaceful whites brighten a room while creating a calming backdrop for your space. Avoid busy patterns and bring colour and interest with lush plants or geometric accents.

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